TurboLED® is a game-changing technology that offers a dramatic boost to the performance of displays. In a TurboLED display, each pixel comprises deeper and lighter color red, green and blue emitters to maximize performance.

Over 50% power saving

Approximately 3X lifetime boost

50% larger color gamut

Lighter and brighter displays

Sustainability Matters!

TurboLED® reduces the power consumption of displays by over 50%, which leads to impressive environmental benefits. Displays consume 5% of all household electricity in the USA. TurboLED technology can reduce display power consumption and remove around 40 million tonnes of CO2 per year worldwide.


Extended Battery Life!

Displays consume up to 65% of the battery in smartphones. TurboLED® displays can extend the battery life of portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and watches by 3-4 hours each day.

TurboLED® displays are especially suited for demanding applications, including:

Mobile devices

 IT displays

Automotive displays

Gaming monitors


TurboLED® requires minor changes to existing displays:

Light color OLED emitters, readily available on the market

2X TFTs in the backplane, using current technology and tools

Electronics to drive pixels with TurboLED proprietary algorithms