PeroLED is now EXCYTON

We are excited to announce that we have changed our company name from PeroLED Limited to EXCYTON Limited.

Our company journey started with the development of Perovskite LEDs to expand the colour gamut of displays. During this journey, we have developed several other exciting technologies to improve display performance. These technologies are all compatible with other types of LEDs, including OLEDs, QLEDs and Micro-LEDs, and not just Perovskite LEDs.

One particular example is TurboLED® , our novel display technology that expands the colour gamut of OLED displays, such as those in smartphones, tablets, monitors, laptops, televisions and watches. TurboLED®  can also be applied to reduce OLED display power consumption, increase brightness and make OLED displays more true-to-life.

The name EXCYTON has been chosen to represent the broader scope of out technology platforms. An exciton is an electrically neutral quasiparticle of an electron and a hole formed in an LED prior to the emission of light.

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